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November 7th, 2017 - Viewers who are not able to make the trip to Rochester, New York on November 10th -11th, 2017 for the National Junior Prospects "EAST  VS. WEST-  REMATCH SHOWCASE" will be able to watch live coverage on the National Sports Network ( NSN ). 


USA Hockey Sanction #: NYT171845



All Games will be played at the Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex in Rochester New York and can be viewed on your phones, note pads, lap tops, or smart TV's!

In order to view the games, go to the home page of and click on the Gray button "View Games" at the top of the page. 

This will bring you to the next page to view games on 


CHANNEL 1 - ( RINK 1 )  or CHANNEL 2 - ( RINK 2 ) or CHANNEL 3 - ( Rink 3 ) CHANNEL 4 - ( Rink 4 ) on the below schedule:


The revised Rochester NY Showcase schedule ( Game times and Rink designation ) can be found below:


 GAME       DATE              RINK     START      FINISH  DIVISION                       HOME TEAM                          vs.       VISITING TEAM 
G1 11/10/2017 Rink 3   8:00 AM-  9:40 AM  U18    Michigan Ice Hawks  vs. Northwest Chargers 
G2  11/10/2017 Rink 1   8:10 AM-  9:50 AM  U18   Pittsburgh Vengeance  vs. Troy Sting
G4  11/10/2017 Rink 3   9:50 AM-11:30 AM  U18   North Broward Prep  vs. Chicago Hawks 
G5  11/10/2017 Rink 1 10:00 AM-11:40 PM  U18   Belle Tire Dearborn   vs. Fort Wayne Force 
G6  11/10/2017 Rink 2 10:10 AM-11:50 AM  U16   Fort Wayne Force vs. Pittsburgh Vengeance
G7 11/10/2017 Rink 3 11:40 AM-1:20 PM   U16   Chicago Hawks  vs. Armstrong Arrows 
G8 11/10/2017 Rink 1 11:50 PM-1:30 PM   U16   Jimmy Johns  vs. Pittsburgh Predators 
G9 11/10/2017 Rink 2 12:00 PM-1:40 PM   U16   Kenosha Komets  vs. Appalachian Elite
G10  11/10/2017 Rink 3   1:30 PM-3:10 PM   U15   Jimmy Johns vs. Pittsburgh Predators 
G11 11/10/2017 Rink 2   1:50 PM-3:30 PM   U15   Chicago Hawks  vs. Flint Firebirds 
G12 11/10/2017 Rink 1   2:20 PM-4:00 PM   U18   Troy Sting vs. Michigan Ice Hawks
G13 11/10/2017 Rink 4   2:40 PM-4:20 PM   U18   Northwest  Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Vengeance 
G15 11/10/2017 Rink 2   4:00 PM-5:40 PM   U18   Chicago Hawks  vs. Belle Tire Dearborn
G16 11/10/2017 Rink 4   4:30 PM-5:10 PM   U18   Fort Wayne Force vs. North Broward Prep
G17 11/10/2017 Rink 3   5:30 PM-6:50 PM   U16   Pittsburgh Vengeance  vs. Chicago Hawks 
G18 11/10/2017 Rink 2   5:50 PM-7:30 PM   U16   Armstrong Arrows  vs. Jimmy Johns 
G19 11/10/2017 Rink 4   6:20 PM-8:00 PM   U16   Appalachian Elite  vs. Fort Wayne Force 
G20 11/10/2017 Rink 3   7:20 PM-8:40 PM   U16   Pittsburgh Predators  vs. Kenosha Komets
G21 11/10/2017 Rink 2   7:40 PM-9:10 PM   U15   Flint Firebirds  vs. Jimmy Johns
G22 11/10/2017 Rink 4   8:10 PM-9:50 PM   U15   Pittsburgh Predators  vs. Chicago Hawks 
G23 11/11/2017 Rink 3   7:10 AM-   9:00 AM   U18     Belle Tire Dearborn   vs. Northwest Chargers 
G24 11/11/2017 Rink 1   7:20 AM-   9:10 AM   U18   Pittsburgh Predators  vs. Chicago Hawks 
G25 11/11/2017 Rink 2   7:35 AM-   9:20 AM   U18   Pittsburgh Vengeance  vs. Michigan Ice Hawks 
G26 11/11/2017 Rink 1   9:10 AM- 11:00 AM   U18   Fort Wayne Force vs. Troy Sting
G27 11/11/2017 Rink 2   9:25 AM- 11:10 AM   U16   Kenosha Komets vs. Pittsburgh Vengeance
G28 11/11/2017 Rink 3 10:00 AM- 11:40 AM   U16    Pittsburgh Predators vs. Armstrong Arrows
G29 11/11/2017 Rink 4 10:10 AM- 11:50 AM   U16    Fort Wayne Force   vs. Jimmy Johns 
G30 11/11/2017 Rink 3 11:50 AM-   1:20 PM   U16   Appalachian Elite vs. Chicago Hawks
G31 11/11/2017 Rink 2   1:00 PM-   2:25 PM   U18   North Broward Prep  vs. Belle Tire Dearborn
G32 11/11/2017 Rink 3   1:40 PM-   3:10 PM   U15    Flint Firebirds vs. Pittsburgh Predators 
G33 11/11/2017 Rink 4   1:50 PM-   3:30 PM   U15    Jimmy Johns  vs. Chicago Hawks 
G34 11/11/2017 Rink 2   2:50 PM-   4:05 PM   U18   Northwest  Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Predators 
G35 11/11/2017 Rink 3   3:30 PM-5:00 PM      U18    Chicago Hawks  vs. Pittsburgh Vengeance
G36 11/11/2017 Rink 4   3:40 PM-5:20 PM      U18   Michigan Ice Hawks vs. Fort Wayne Force
G37 11/11/2017 Rink 4   5:30 PM-5:10 PM      U16   Armstrong Arrows  vs. Kenosha Komets 
G38 11/11/2017 Rink 1   6:30 PM-8:10 PM      U16    Chicago Hawks vs. Pittsburgh Predators
G39 11/11/2017 Rink 2   6:40 PM-8:10 PM      U18   Troy Sting vs. North Broward Prep
G40 11/11/2017 Rink 3   7:00 PM-8:40 PM      U16    Pittsburgh Vengeance  vs. Fort Wayne Force 
G41 11/11/2017 Rink 4   7:20 PM-8:40 PM      U16    Jimmy Johns   vs. Appalachian Elite 
G42 11/11/2017 Rink 1   8:20 PM-  9:50 PM    U16    Chicago Hawks  vs. Syracuse Blazers 
G43 11/11/2017 Rink 2   8:20 PM-10:00 PM    U15   WNY Niagara   vs. Flint Firebirds
G44 11/11/2017 Rink 4   9:10 PM- 11:00 PM   U15    Pittsburgh Predators vs.  Jimmy Johns




October 16th, 2017 - NJP Fort Wayne Showcase 

The National Junior Prospects "East vs. West" did not let anybody down this past weekend.

The teams competed in the U15, U16, and U18 divisions in order to establish themselves who deserved the bragging rights for the event.

The U15 Pittsburgh Predators had a perfect weekend going 4 wins in four games and was awarded "Winners of the Weekend" 

The u16 Pittsburgh Predators also had a victorius weekend and share the spotlight with the u16 Armstrong Arrows. 

The u18 Pittsburgh Predators for the second consecutive NJP event stay undefeated at 8 wins and no losses. 

This past weekend in Fort Wayne they share the "Winners of the Weekend" with their crosstown rivals  u18 Pittsburgh Vengeance. 

Congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents of all these organizations for their success. Great job!!!  




September 11th, 2017 - To all National Junior Prospects family members, coaches, and players - A special wish or prayer that all of the North Broward Prep family was safe and suffer little damage with Hurricane Irma. 

NJP Staff member Bob Black has reached out to Head Coach and friend Peter Worrell but has not heard back understandably regarding their situation. The same thoughts and prayers go out to newer NJP member Atlanta Knights that the weather is not unkind to their families as well while the storm moves north through the state of Georgia.





June 18th, 2017 

To all of the Father's who endlessly and unconditionally sacrifice their time, effort, and money for their families, on this day we recognize you. 

For the sport of hockey, sons and daughters who are blessed with "Dad" to afford you the opportunity to play this great sport of hockey, do something special for him today or at the least, simply say THANK YOU for supporting

your participation in this great sport.  You will appreciate him a whole lot more when someday you are doing it for your kid(s).  

Your appreciation goes a long way!




May 24th, 2017 - The National Junior Prospects Showcase Hockey program is excited to announce the addition of the U15 Division this season. 

All U15-U16-U18 Teams who have registered for the upcoming season showcase events will be announced within the next few weeks. 

We look forward to the returning teams as well as the new programs for this 2017-2018 showcase season. 



National Junior Prospects - Register now for the 2017-2018 Showcases

2017-2018 Showcase Hockey  

The National Junior Prospects Staff is looking forward to our returning teams and welcome the new teams that have registered already to our showcase events. Please find the following dates and locations for your scheduling use: 

List of Showcase events 

Showcase 1 – Lockport, NY – Cornerstone Arena – September 22nd – 23rd , 2017 - East

Showcase 2 – TBN Soon                                                                              - West

Showcase 3 – Fort Wayne, IN – SPORTONE/Parkview – October 13th – 14th, 2017 - ALL

Showcase 4 – Rochester, NY – Bill Gray’s Iceplex – November 10th – 11th, 2017 - ALL

Showcase 5 – Oxford, OH – Goggin Arena – December 29th – 31st , 2018 – West

Showcase 6 – Hershey, PA – Twin Ponds Arena – January 5th – 6th, 2018 – East

Showcase 7 -  Fort Wayne, IN – SPORTONE/Parkview – January 20th – 22nd, 2018 – ALL  

* All showcases per USA Hockey sanctioning 

Great talent to be seen at Dwyer Arena - Niagara University

After a night of speaking with Junior Coaches, College Coaches and Scouts, National Junior Prospect players from all over the country listened to guest speakers on various topics regarding their future.  Keynote speaker Jeff Meredith, NCAA D3 Head Coach, Fredonia State, was inspiring. Parents also had the opportunity to listen to Bill Gilliam, father of Josh Gilliam (Dartmouth College) and Mitch Gilliam (Cornell University).  Mr. Gilliam spoke in depth about the parents important role in supporting their young athletes goal to be successful in college hockey and life.  In regards to affording college tuition, author Jim Trimboli educated the parents on creative ways to apply for grants and loans to assist in affording college tuition.  Angelo Gallo gave an inspiring talk on the Junior Hockey market in Canada and in the United States and gave good insight to the players and parents on the key components of making good decisions on Junior hockey programs that would be suitable to their specific needs.

Early Saturday morning through early Saturday afternoon all the Combine players were busy executing on-ice testing and off-ice testing with Junior Coaches.  On-ice testing consisted of skill work, passing, shooting, stick-handling and skating.  Off-ice included flexibility, cardiovascular, strength, and agility.  After a brief pause in the day all the Combine players are back to competing in exhibition games at the feature rink of NCAA Division 1 Niagara University Purple Eagles.

Games are being webcast on NSN Channel 4.



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