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Bonnie Black

Bonnie Black

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The National Junior Prospects have been in existence for six consecutive hockey seasons.  The Pittsburgh Predators U16 Midget Minor Team and U18 Midget Major Team has participated all six seasons.  Through strong ownership led by Ralph Marovich at Ice Castles Arena located in the south hills of Pittsburgh, PA, strong qualified and dedicated coaches this year Craig Bioni (U16) and Gary Klepkowski (U18), the Predators are on top of their respective divisions in the National Junior Prospects 2015 -2016 Season.  

As a result of the first two main ingredients, the Predators have created a nucleus of dedicated parents starting at the mite age through Bantams in the local Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League.  As their players move into Midget age ( 15 -18 ) , they look for more exposure and education of their options for playing junior hockey in preparation for the collegiate level in the National Junior Prospects Program.  Here is the basic secret to a successful travel hockey program:  Strong Ownership/Ice Arena who understands hockey + Strong Dedicated and Player Development Head/Assistant Coaches who understand what dedication, hard work, and persistance can do for players who aspire to play college hockey + Parents/players who believe, support, and cooperate with ownership and coaches in their daily tasks and vision = A Successful Travel Hockey Program.  The Predators have done just this and the results are proven in their past and present success in National Junior Prospects.  They have won multiple Frank Black Championship Cups over the past six years.  

As the National Junior Prospects playoff showcase draws closer at the end of January, we look forward to a great set of quarterfinal match ups, Semi final match ups, and Championships. 



The National Junior Prospects Staff would like to thank the great people of Monroeville for hosting our 2016 Eastern Regional Showcase and 2016 Bantam Tournament this season.  This is the seventh event in six years that we have enjoyed bringing all of the teams from all over the country to Monroeville, Pa for an event.  From their great selections of a variety of restaurants, to their convenient and hospitable hotels, and also their fantastic state-of-the-art and world reknown "Monroeville Mall", we appreciate the invite and show gratitude.

Please make sure you pick up a Monroeville visitor's guide for all the amenities in the area.



All National Junior Prospect Teams:

January 8th, 2016 - Friday night - 7:05 pm  RMU vs. Bentley University

January 9th, 2016 - Saturday night, 7:05 vs. RMU vs. Bentley University 

AT Robert Morris University Island Sports Center 

Sports Complex32-acre university sports hub offers a sports dome with an indoor driving range, ice rink & classes.

Address: 7600 Grand Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15225
Phone:(412) 397-3335

See below for all of the details regarding the NCAA Division 1 Hockey – Robert Morris University Games at home during the weekend of our showcase.  We have contacted their ticket department ahead of time and arranged for the details below:

Group rates begin when there are at least 10 people. It is $8 for adults and $5 for kids. If however there is not a group of 10 our prices are $10 for adults and $5 for youth, seniors, or military. This is our advance ticket prices. If tickets are purchased the day of the game they jump to $12 and $7. If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets or if you have any questions feel free to email me at this address or you can call into our office at 412-397-4949. 

 Thank you for supporting RMU athletics!

Christopher Woodard

Manager of Ticket Operations

Robert Morris University


HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2016 National Junior Prospects Teams !!!

From the Entire staff of the National Junior Prospects, we would like to wish all of our families ( players, parents, coaches, and team managers ) a happy and healthy New Year.  We look forward to seeing all of you real soon and please be safe.  

Have a great weekend.


Bob Black, NJP Director








National Junior Prospects Eastern Regional and Bantam Schedule

The Center Ice Arena in Delmont, Pennsylvania will be the host of 40 games on January 8th, 9th, and 10th.  We look forward to the nineteen teams participating this weekend.  

 The Following is the Eastern Regional Midget Showcase and Bantam Tournament Schedule:                                      01-02-16

                                                                                   NATIONAL JUNIOR PROSPECTS

Center Ice Arena

100 Center Ice Drive, Delmont, PA 15626  (724) 468-1100

Eastern Regional Showcase and Bantam Tournament Schedule

FRIDAY – January 8th, 2016.

NOTE: Rinks: ( R1 ) = West   (R2) = East    (R3) = AHA                                                                          1/2/16

G#            Time          R        Home Team (Dark Jersey)            vs    Away Team (Light Jersey) 

G  1      7:30am      R1      U14  Pittsburgh Predators____    vs.   U14 Meijer Hockey____

G  2      8:00am      R3      U18 Allen Park Huskies____          vs.  U18 Metro Jets White____

G  3      8:15am      R2      U18 Atlanta Fire____                      vs.  U18 Pittsburgh Predators____

G  4      9:00am      R1      U18 N. Pittsburgh Wildcats____  vs.   U18 Cleveland Lumberjacks____

G  5      9:50am      R3      U16 Pittsburgh Vengeance____   vs.   U16 Washington Capitals____

G  6     10:05am     R2      U16 Southern Tier Xpress____     vs.   U16 Pittsburgh Predators____

G  7     10:50am     R1      U16 Metro Jets White____           vs.   U16 Cleveland Lumberjacks____

G  8     12:00pm     R2      U14 Cleveland Lumberjacks____ vs.   U14 Columbus Capitals____

G  9      1:00pm      R3      U14 Dayton Stealth____                vs.   U14 Pittsburgh Predators____

G  10    1:50pm      R1     U18 Metro Jets White____           vs.   U18 Atlanta Fire____     

G  11    2:00pm      R2     U18 Pittsburgh Predators____     vs.   U18 Allen Park Huskies____

G  12    2:30pm      R3     U18 Cleveland Lumberjacks____ vs.   U18 North Broward Prep____

G  13    3:40pm      R1     U16 Cleveland Lumberjacks____ vs.   U16 North Broward Prep____

G  14    3:50pm      R2     U16 Washington Capitals____     vs.   U16 Southern Tier Xpress____                                                             

G  15    4:20pm      R3     U16 Pittsburgh Predators____     vs.   U16 Metro Jets White____ 

G  16    6:50pm      R2     U14 Meijer Hockey____                vs.   U14 Cleveland Lumberjacks____

G  17    7:00pm      R3     U14 Columbus Capitals____         vs.   U14 Dayton Stealth____                  

G  18    8:10pm      R2     U18  North Broward Prep____     vs.   U18 North Pittsburgh Wildcats____

G  19    9:10pm      R3     U16 North Broward Prep____      vs.   U16 Pittsburgh Vengeance____


                                                                                   NATIONAL JUNIOR PROSPECTS

Center Ice Arena

100 Center Ice Drive, Delmont, PA 15626  (724) 468-1100

Eastern Regional Showcase and Bantam Tournament Schedule

SATURDAY – January 9th, 2016.

NOTE: Rinks: ( R1 ) = West   (R2) = East    (R3) = AHA                                                                        01/02/16

G#            Time          R        Home Team (Dark Jersey)            vs    Away Team (Light Jersey) 

G  20       7:30am     R1      U14  Cleveland Lumberjacks         vs.   U14 Dayton Stealth____                                                                    

G  21       7:40am     R2      U18  Metro Jets White____           vs.   U18  North Broward Prep____

G  22       7:30am     R3      U18  Pittsburgh Predators____     vs.   U18 Cleveland Lumberjacks___

G  23       9:00am     R1      U18  Atlanta Fire____                     vs.   U18 Allen Park Huskies____

G  24       9:20am     R2      U16 Washington Capitals____      vs.  U16 North Broward Prep____                                                             

G  25       9:30am     R3      U16 Southern Tier Xpress____     vs.   U16 Metro Jets White____

G  26     11:10am     R2      U16  Pittsburgh Predators____    vs.   U16 Pittsburgh Vengeance____             

G  27     11:20am     R3      U14 Columbus Capitals____         vs.   U14 Pittsburgh Predators____

G  28       1:00pm     R2      U14  Dayton Stealth____               vs.   U14 Meijer Hockey____                                                                     

G  29       1:30pm     R3      U18  North Pgh Wildcats____       vs.  U18 Metro Jets White____                                                                

G  30       2:30pm     R2      U18  Cleveland Lumberjacks___   vs.  U18 Atlanta Fire____                                                             

G  31       3:20pm     R3      U18  North Broward Prep____      vs.   U18 Pittsburgh Predators____

G  32       4:20pm     R2      U16  Cleveland Lumberjacks____ vs.  U16  Washington Capitals____

G  33       5:10pm     R3      U16  Pittsburgh Vengeance____   vs.  U16  Southern Tier Xpress____

G  34       5:15pm     R1      U16  North Broward Prep               vs.  U16  Metro Jr Jets____

G  35       6:10pm     R2      U14 Pittsburgh Predators____      vs.  U14 Cleveland Lumberjacks____

G  36       7:00pm     R3      U14   Meijer Hockey____                vs.  U14 Columbus Capitals ____

G  37       7:15pm     R1      U18  Allen Park Huskies                   vs.  U18  North Pgh Wildcats____

G  38       9:35pm     R1      U16  Pittsburgh Predators____      vs.  U16  Cleveland Lumberjacks____



Center Ice Arena

100 Center Ice Drive, Delmont, PA 15626  (724) 468-1100

Eastern Regional Showcase and Bantam Schedule

Sunday – January 10th, 2016.


NOTE: Rinks: ( R1 ) = West   (R2) = East    (R3) = AHA                                                        01/02/16


 G#        Time            R        Home Team (Dark Jersey)              vs      Away Team (Light Jersey)     

G39    7:10am          R1     U16 Southern Tier Xpress               vs.     U16 Metro Jr. Jets White____

G40    9:00am          R1     Bantam 1     ( Most Points)              vs     Bantam 2   (2nd Most Points )

                                                    Bantam Tournament Championship  




The 2015-2016 National Junior Prospects 28 teams made up of the U16 Division (Western and Eastern Conference) and the U18 Division (Western and Eastern Conference) will face-off for four games each in the month of January 2016.

The Eastern Conference will drop the puck first at the Center Ice Arena in Delmont Pa on Friday, January 8th and Saturday, January 9th, 2016.  Games will be played from 7:30 am through 10:00pm at night on both nights.  National Junior Prospects will also host a U14 Bantam Tournament at the same time which the Championship will be played on Sunday, January 10th at 9am at the same rink.   

The Western Conference will drop the puck next both at the Goggins Ice Arena in Miami of Ohio and Sports Plus Ice Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio on Friday, January 22nd, 2016. The Saturday games, January 23rd, will be played solely at the Sports Plus Ice Arena in Cincinnati.  Games will be played from 7:30 am through 10:00pm at night on both days. 

All Scouts, Coaches, Parents, and Hockey Enthusiasts are welcome to come to the NJP Showcases.  All Games will be webcast on the National Sports Network. On this website; At the top of the page, go to the menu item "watch games" and click on this.  You will be directed to three channels and the game schedule.  You will click on the game you are interested in viewing.  The webcasting schedule will be posted as we get closer to the showcase dates. 

Over 200 National Junior Prospects hockey games have been played so far this season leading up to these two showcase.  When it is all completed, National Junior Prospects will have hosted over 300 games in the 2015-2016 Season.  National Junior Prospects is proud to give these full season travel teams the opportunity to develop their players at such a high level. NO players should ever be forced out of playing a high level of travel hockey and not given the equal opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams due to the lack of options.  Some players only need a little more time and education to have one of their skills tweeked by high level caring, competent coaches and trainers in order to become a complete top player in their age group.  National Junior Prospects provides these teams and players that opportunity. 

We look forward in seeing everybody at the Showcases in 2016.

Have a great holiday week and a happy and safe 2016 New Year!

Let's make hockey great again in 2016!

Coach Bob Black


National Junior Prospects Hockey

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